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Visitor Parking

Visitors to the University have three options for parking - pay lots, Pay-By-Phone meters, or a day pass/temporary permit. V Permits are available to vendors doing business with University departments and offices.


Patrolled Monday-Friday 7am-10pm
$2.00 per hour; $20 daily maximum

Commuter Services installed kiosks in the Business Loop, Union, and Student Services pay lots that replaced the gated parking booths and attendants. The kiosks function as the point of contact for purchasing and validating parking for guests and visitors to campus. There are no longer entrance tickets or pay lot attendants, rather customers purchase their desired time through the kiosk using their vehicle's license plate and credit card. Kiosks work similar to a parking meter and payment or a validation must be made to initiate a parking session, not when leaving the pay lot. The kiosk system allows you to be notified when parking is going to expire and give you the option to add time from your mobile device. Vehicles parked in a pay lot with no valid form of payment will be ticketed. For further information on kiosks, contact us at

Credit cards and coupon validations are the only acceptable form of payment - cash is no longer accepted when parking in the Business Loop, Union, or Student Services pay lots. Incorrect license plate entry or failure to submit appropriate payment may result in citation. When using the extend by phone feature, a service charge of $.25 will be charged in addition to the parking rate.

Department Coupon Codes

If you are a University department and want to purchase coupon codes or trade in sticker validations, an online order form needs to be completed. Please allow two full business days to process any coupon code requests. For any questions regarding coupon codes, contact us at

Kiosk instructional video:


Patrolled Monday-Friday 7am-10pm
0-15 minutes - Free
16-30 minutes - $1.00
31-60 minutes - additional $1.00
Each additional half hour - $1.00
$20 daily maximum

The Bookstore  and Medical Library pay lots are the only lots with gates, parking booths, entrance tickets, and cashiers who accept cash, credit card, or sticker/stamp validations as a valid form of payment.

After Hours Notices

After hours notices are issued in the Bookstore and Medical Library lots as the lots close for the night. The notice is not a citation; however, if left unpaid for three business days, it becomes a citation.

To pay an after hours notice place the notice, payment, and entrance ticket in an envelope provided under the drop box, and deposit it in the yellow drop box located at the exit to the booth. After hours notices can also be paid via mail or in person at 1901 E South Campus Drive, SLC, UT, 84112. After hours notices cannot be paid online or over the phone, as the entrance ticket needs to be submitted with the payment.


Patrolled from 8am-8pm
$2.00 per hour

1. Download the App, visit the mobile site, or call the number posted on signage
Phone numbers, website information, and a QR code for Pay-By-Phone meters are displayed on parking meters and signs.

2. Respond to the prompts
Existing users will be prompted to enter the 5 digit location number, stall number, and parking time. New users will be guided through a registration process.

3. Wait to confirm parking time started
Once you have received confirmation your parking has started you may leave your vehicle.

4. Extend parking anytime
Extension is possible at any time. Simply pull up the App, website, or call the number you initially dialed. Your account or number will be recognized and you can extend parking time from your meeting or classroom.

A service charge of $.25 or $.35 will be charged in addition to the parking rate. (Service charge depends on text message option which can be edited in your account settings on


Patrolled from 8am-8pm

If you're visiting the University for only a couple days, a day pass might be your best option. Day passes can be purchased through our office at 801-581-6415 or on our website.

All day "A" permit $10 per day. Valid in "A", "U", and "E" parking lots only

All day "U" Permit $5 per day. Valid in "U" and "E" parking lots only

Morning, Mid-Day, or Afternoon "A" $5 per day. Valid in "A", "U", and "E" parking lots only

Evening "A" $2.00 per day. Valid in "A", "U", and "E" parking lots only


A temporary permit is similar to a day pass but may be used for several consecutive days. Although it is designed primarily for visitors, new employees may be eligible for a temporary permit until they have attended new employee orientation. Create a Guest Account and buy a temporary permit online.


Valid only for use by a registered lessee or employees of the company or organization listed on the application. Valid in "A," "U," or "E" lots and at meters for up to three hours at a single location without paying. Not valid in 20 minute load zone meters. Contact our office for pricing.


Patients and visitors to University Hospital may park free in the Visitor/Patient pay lot or take advantage of the free valet parking. 

Last Updated: 6/2/17